Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Overweight Advantages!

It turns out that women with more lush forms have some advantages over the models.

As showed the supervision of scientists from Denmark,who engaged in their studies 3000 volunteers of both sexes, if a woman has the buttocks over 100 cm, the risk of death from heart attacks is reduced by as much as 87% compared with the "thin" representatives of weaker sex. And the threat of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease among larger women is reduced by 86% and 46% respectively.

The reason is that unlike the fat in the abdomen, in the buttocks' fat there is substance adiponectin , which prevents arteries to swell and block. As a result, women are full of more favorable outlook for the birth of children and housework -  a note to those who plans to marry.

Among men in the buttocks area were not seen anything similar, so their hearts on this factor is independent.