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Hoodia Gordonii Diet - All You Need To Know About The Hoodia Cactus Plant & Diet

The Hoodia Gordonii cactus extract has been widely publicized on the Today Show, 60 Minutes and other broadcast television programs. This article will explain the history of the Hoodia Gordonni plant, how the Hoodia weight loss diet works and where to find the most potent cactus plant products that really work.

The powerful properties of the cactus plant have been known by the bushmen of the Kalahari desert for centuries. In the 1990s the Council For Scientific And Industrial Research conducted a detailed research study on the many native plants and bush foods eaten regularly by the "Sans Bushmen".

What the CSIR soon found out was that the Hoodia cactus plant is not only not poisonous but it also contains some incredibly powerful properties to suppress the appetite and suppress the appetite. This study was found as a result of watching how animals reacted when eating the Hoodia cactus plant.

As a result of the substantial claims of rapid weight loss many Hoodia Gordonii diet products have ascended the marketplace to become one of the fastest selling and fasting growing weight loss products in an marketplace where billions is spent every year on weight loss products.

Before deciding on a Hoodia product to aid with your weight loss it is vital to understandmore about the Hoodia cactus plant. Once the CSIR had been able to isolate the active ingredients in the Hoodia cactus plant that was responsible for appetite suppressing and increasing the body's ability to burn fat they called it p57. The CSIR then sold the rights to P57 to an English pharmaceutical organisation called Phytopharm.

It is somewhat surprising that there are such a number of Hoodia diet on the market when Phytopharm holds the licence to P57. While Phytopharm ultimately holds the licence to P57 there are other patent laws that come into play. Only the Phytopharm chemical company has the legal ability to extract the potent P57 molecule located in Hoodia Gordonii and use it in any and all of their Hoodia cactus plant product lines.

That being said the whole Hoodia Gordonii plant can never be patented. As a result of this other companies have the legal right to produce their own Hoodia weight loss supplements and products legally without holding the rights to P57.

With such a range of products now available from the Hoodia plant it is absolutely pivotal that consumers don't fall for cheap, ineffective imitations and that they ensure that they only buy PURE South African cactus Hoodia Gordonii products for the fastest weight loss.

By: Karin Manning

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