Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Less Sleeping Leads To Extra Weight

The Columbia University and the Hospital of St. Luke-Roosevelt scientists published the results of the study, according to which there is a link between sleep duration and obesity.

Contrary to the public opinion, doctors have found that people who sleep less, are more exposed to the risk of gaining extra weight. Scientists watched a long time after a group of 18,000 patients and found: for those who sleep at night less than 4 hours, the risk of obesity is higher by 74% than for those who sleeps 7-9 hours. For those who sleep 5 hours - the risk of extra kilograms rises by 50% and for 6 hours sleepers - by 23%.

Most doctors give a simple explanation to this paradox: if people do not sleep at night, they eat, and there is usually little moving. Here is the general portrait of this less sleeping patients: a young man, sitting all night in front of the TV or the computer, with a few handy bottles of beer ( "cola", coffee, etc.), some snacks and a lot of sandwiches. Doctors recommend to abstain from eating after 6-7 PM, go early to bed and early in the morning to get up, nor to avoid moderate physical exercises throughout the day.

The blood hormones study revealed the fact that a small length of sleep caused a significant increase in leptina (the hormone responsible for feelings of satiety and reducing hunger), and, on the contrary, even more significantly reducing grelina (hormone which reinforces the sense of hunger). This makes the little sleeping people at night to feel hunger and insatiable desire to eat something rich in carbohydrates (pies, cakes, cookies, etc.), with all its attendant consequences.

Thus, the increase in duration of sleep can be seen as a means to combat obesity, not forgetting, of course, the leading role of regular physical exercises, and proper healthy nutrition.

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