Monday, August 1, 2011

What causes Obesity?

Hardly anyone seriously believes that the real cause of the obesity is just the lack of willpower or the laziness that prevents a person to do sports. Although the causes of obesity are still not sufficiently studied, since the mid-1980s. it is considered a chronic disease, which is based on several factors.

Studies have shown that obesity is inherited. If one or both parents are obese, the likelihood of obesity in children increases significantly, especially because genes determine the body constitution and, to some extent - the weight. However, a predisposition to obesity does not mean that destiny of man sealed. The nature is debatable, if diet and exercise regularly. In some cases, with the aid of drugs or surgery.

Caloric food
Hot dogs, Big Macs, French fries, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, ice cream - all the popular meals are inexpensive, available and tasty. Not surprisingly, they have contributed to the spread of the epidemic overweight in many countries.

The risk of obesity increases, if you sit a lot at your desk or on the couch. Similarly, the risk is higher if the fats make up more than 30% of your daily diet. Researchers found that people who dedicate 20-30 minutes for daily physical activity, are less prone to obesity. Best results are obtained by a combination of an active lifestyle and low calorie diet.

The metabolism
More specifically, the metabolic rate, or the rate at which your body uses the incoming food. With a low metabolic rate, the probability that the excess calories are stored as body fat increases. In this case, to fight obesity will have to exert more effort. However, these efforts ultimately may enhance your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories than the fat tissue, even when resting. Therefore, if reducing the consumption of fats and by using weight training to build up muscles, burning calories can be more intense.

Psychological aspects

There are people who tend to overeat (to have some kind of food "binges") in a stress condition or depression. Studies show that over 30% of obese people fall into this category. Therapists suggest that nutritional "binges" really can temporarily remove the stress caused by negative emotions. But then, after eating too much, comes the feelings of guilt, shame, disgust and begins depression.


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james35 said...

Obesity related illnesses are responsible for hundreds of deaths per day. It is now known that obesity is not just an ordinary problem but a serious health hazard.

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