Friday, November 2, 2007

Preparing For A Diet

The most common mistake people who want to lose weight do, it is to begin a diet "straight tomorrow morning."

For some reason it is believed that a diet does not require a preliminary preparation, perhaps, except purchases of the products. And this is a big mistake. For the diet we must carefully prepare as for any cause in which you want to succeed.

So, how do we prepare for a diet?

- First, it is necessary to know your own health. For women, very important factors are the menstruation and pregnancy, in either of the cases shouldn't begin a diet. It is not recommended to start a diet at a time when your health may be affected by climatic conditions of residence, for example, in khamsin.

- Secondly, you need to consider how the diet will affect your everyday duties. Would sitting on a diet, for instance, influence the quality of your work, or affect your active participation in family and domestic activities?

- Third, be sure to ask yourself before starting a diet - will I manage? You need to imagine well the expected difficulties - for example, the constant feeling of hunger, the impossibility even to touch the favorite dishes for a long time, maybe the mockery or pity of the relatives ... - and answer honestly: am I capable of such sacrifices? Is it necessary to me? Slyness in this case may lead to the failure of the entire plan.

- Fourth, the diet in no circumstances has to be started suddenly. The principle "to stuff oneself today, and tomorrow will start starving" never justified itself! You must "engage" in the diet little by little. About a week before beginning the diet, exclude from your ration the sweet and fatty products; discontinue late dining, reduce the number of consumes food, etc., etc., depending on what is needed in a particular case.

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