Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Main Rules Of Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, or just always to stay in good shape, follow 10 simple but very important rules.

1. Make your diet multicolored.
Fruits and vegetables are an indispensable source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain few calories, give a sense of satiety and can be combined with any dishes.

2. Eat regularly.
When you eat regularly, your body's metabolism is evenly, and the calories are spent throughout the day. If the break between meals is big, the body tries to spend less energy, i.e. burns fewer calories. The breakfast is compulsory. Eat at least three times a day, from time to time have a bite of easy healthy food.

3. Give time to the stomach.
Since childhood, we were forbidden to have little snacks before lunch, so as not to spoil the appetite. In fact, these snacks can prevent overeating. Feeling satiated comes only after 10-15 minutes, so often we eat more than it is necessary. When eating at home, please give attention to the size of the portions. In restaurants usually give large portions, so try to eat only a part of what is given. And, of course, do not be afraid to have some snacks before lunch!

4. Pick fresh food.
In order for the produces to be kept longer, they add all kinds of preserving agents. This often leads to lower the content of useful substances and vitamins in food. Try to have fewer semi-prepared foods and fast-foods, these are always rich in calories, fat and salt.

5. Keep moving.
The human body is not suited to the endless seating for the desktop. To stay healthy, you need to move every day. The loads strengthen all muscles, including the heart, improve sleep and mood. No matter, are you training in the sports center, or just walk around the house, most important is that you keep moving.

6. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure.
Many delicious things are harmful, but without them it can be very difficult. If you repeatedly refuse to pleasure yourself, you can falter and eat too many taboo sweets. Enjoy sometimes by eating a little of favorite food, but try to keep moderation. For example, you can eat a very small piece of cake in a normal day or a normal piece in honor of the holiday.

7. Read the labels.
If you do not even know the names of ingredients listed on the packaging of the product, it is better not to risk it and leave the product on the shelf at the supermarket. The same applies to products with endlessly long list of ingredients on the label. Also, please note whether the listed on the label calorie and fat content refers to one portion or to an entire package.

8. Eat intact cereals.
White bread and flour do not have any value to the health, while intact cereals are rich in fiber and useful substances. Bread and pasta from whole grains help to avoid sharply disorders of the glucose levels in the blood, prolongs the feeling of being satiated.

9. Choose the "right" fats.
Fats are not always harmful. The saturated fats actually leads to extra weight and cardiovascular diseases, but unsaturated fats are useful for the organism. For example, you can use olive oil for filling salads and cooking meals.

10. Beware of "liquid" calories.
A conventional glass of lemonade can contain about 10 tea spoons of sugar! The extra calories taken daily with a drink, do not give a sense of satiety, but certainly adds unwanted fats. The advertisements so skilfully present some drinks, we believe it is useful and not draw attention to the extra sugar they contain..


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