Friday, January 25, 2008

Lose Weight With Water - It's Easy!

American dieticians recommend using the "water" diet to get rid of unnecessary weight, which is becoming increasingly popular. With a shortage of liquid, the organism begins to feel stressed and sends signals to the brain similar to the signals of hunger. As a result, we are beginning to eat, while the need to drink! The unnecessary at this point nutrients are postponed in the form of fat in the most hidden parts of our body, and over time these parts cease to be so hidden.

The sadness of losing the slender figure, we are trying to compensate with some milk chocolates or harassing ourselves with fitness classes. But getting back to the well-shaped figure is as well possible by having a balanced water consumption. By drinking every day about 2 -2.5 liters of water (in addition to juices, tea and coffee), we can suppress the feeling of hunger and reduce the number of food we intake (of course, constraining the consumption of fatty products).

And it water you have to drink, because even the tea and coffee contain active substances that alter the chemical composition of the body. Carbonated beverages are "saturated" with harmful chemicals, causing additional dehydration.

The clean water in the diet plays a crucial role. Tap water contains an abundance of active chlorine and other impurities, acquired in passing through the water supply tubes. The helpful habit of drinking purified water will be gratefully received by your body.

It is recommended to use a specially developed filter or nozzle on the crane which give you the opportunity to quietly drink safe water in all respects.

Moreover, If having a balanced consumption of water, the skin will always be sufficiently saturated with moisture from the inside, and therefore, protected from the effects of frost and sun, drying and peeling. That is with one shot kill two rabbits at once - losing excess fat and skin regain freshness!

So filter, drink, slenderize!

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