Friday, February 8, 2008

The Lemon Helps To Lose Weight And Stay Slim

Because of the badly working digestive system, the organism is not able to absorb all the necessary nutrients for fat burning. So, toxins accumulate in the body, cause fatigue and slow down the metabolism. Also, a lack of nutrients in organism make us feel a sense of constant hunger, and here we very often have snacks, biscuits and other "easy" meals.

The main property of lemon is the lead-out of toxins from the body, and the normalization of metabolism. Citric acid interact with enzymes and other acids, stimulating digestion and the provision of gastric liquids. With its high acidity (7 - 8% in fruit), even a small piece of lemon can positively influence the process of food digestin, and reduce the risks of raising the sugar level in the blood.

Another lemon miracle is the pectin. This substance is contained in the lemon's exterior layer. When reaching the stomach, pectin turns into a creamy gel and cover the stomach walls. According to earlier studies, the use of pectin in food can dampen the sense of hunger about 4 hours.

The Lemon juice contains a big amount of vitamin C. This vitamin contributes to the mobilization of protective body, combats coldness, improves the metabolism and as a consequence - the weight loss.

The advantage a lemon diet is that it is not necessarily to starve or give up favorite meals. All you have to do for loosing weight - include several spoons of lemon juice and pulp in the daily diet. And of course the situation will improve with exercise and healthy eating.

It is also advised to consume more water, at least 6-8 cups a day. The morning is better to start with a mix of warm water with the addition of lemon juice.

But drinking coffee and tea should be avoided, as well as carbonated drinks and unnatural juices. The base should be on the diet with fruits and vegetables - about five servings per day. In soups and salads add a little dried lemon peel, and the fish and meat can be flavored with lemon juice.

Avoid products with high sugar content: bread, rice and potatoes. If consumed large quantities of such products, coupled with fruits - this may badly affect the level of sugar in blood. Fat saturated products are also not desirable. Remember that they are contained in large quantities in red meat, cakes and pies. And do not forget that unsaturated fats are necessary for weight loss. They delay the influx of carbohydrates in the blood, and thereby contribute to keeping the low body insulin and sugar.

Eating should be slowly, carefully chewing the food. The process of chewing relaxes the muscle below abdomen and transmits a nerve signal activating the digestive processes. Eat at the scheduled time and not rush the process to bring a sense of saturation, which may be delayed. It is rational to wait 20 minutes to make sure of feeling saturation.


Rodger Bailey said...

IN 2006, I lost more than 30 kilos. Lemon juice in my water was an ongoing part of the diet I used to achieve that.

Rodger at Radcliffe's Weight Journal

Tina said...

Wow Rodger, that's very praiseworthy!
Congratulations for that and for your new weight loss blog!

Anonymous said...

This is nice informative Post which provide good information about how lemon helps in lossing weight. I appreciate your effort. keep Posting.

Ricky Parker