Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Stress Can Help You Loose Weight, The Depression - NO!

When a person is experiencing stress (for example, when going to the dentist, parachute jumping, etc.), which does not get to depression, burns huge amounts of energy. Slimming is happening extremely quickly - sometimes even more than a kilo a day. Consequently, the stress - beefing our noble cause of getting rid of extra weight - instantly raises our metabolism and makes us "to push out" the excess fluid from the body, allowing to make new records, not making a big effort for this.

The "beneficial" stress can be attributed to two categories: "for the soul"and "for the body". "For soul" stresses are: parachute jumps, visiting attractions such as "toboggans" or even… the same trip to the dentist. "For body" - a sauna, contrast shower, a sharp increase in one-time physical activity (hike, general cleaning, the first training). Particularly such stress is useful when the weight loss is "stopped" and it remains the same. In order to move it from the dead end, the regime usually is tighten, but this way is a deadlock. How much will you resist the spartan way of life in our world temptations? All life? It is very doubtful. Therefore, the strict restrictive measures is best to leave for the last trump in the struggle over weight, preferring them a good shake up for all the systems with manageable stress.

But the depression leads to a diametrically opposite effect - the body metabolism decreases, which corresponds to the sleeping state of the body. Accordingly, the part of food energy, which should go to "actual needs", will be unused and, respectively, suspended in fat depot. Recall your past attempts to loose weight: wanna eat - and shouldn't, want to relax - have to train to the seventh sweat. And the permanent thought: so will be every day - today, tomorrow, forever… The weight loss slows down… Life is getting grim, and turns into a torture - we live from meal to meal, from rest to rest with the constant knowledge that after a short time of enjoying, it will be sad and hard again…

When we are depressed, we thus interrupt the slimming process which in most cases makes it worse (the depression). The result is a vicious circle, which almost always follows the breakdown, rollback, a return to the starting point. To prevent such a development of situation, one should:

1. Do not mock over yourselves. The sharp limitation of food and maximum load is unacceptable.
2. In the process of slimming, the depression should be avoided with all necessary forces and means! If you feel that because of the circumstances immersed in this swamp - shake, diverting any means, do something pleasant. After all, drink some tranquilizing drinks, antidepressant (calming often inhibits metabolism, but this is still less evil than depression).

Better start slimming in the quiet period of life when there aren't any negative emotions on the horizon. Remember that your depression is the same enemy as overeating and lack of movement!

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