Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Walking and Milk Will Help You Loose Weight

Dieticians from the American University of Colorado offered to all those who wish to get rid of the extra weight, a new, very effective and not particularly difficult way to implement your dream. It does not require either starving or exhausting long-time exercises. Forget about the extra kilos with the help of milk, dairy products and daily walking.

The American dieticians made an experiment, which involved 199 volunteer people from both sexes and various ages. All of these people had pretty much extra weight. Dieticians offered them the following programme: each day during the four months the volunteers were devoting at least one hour of walking, counting at the same time ten thousand or more steps.

The temperature and duration of walks they chose by themselves, the most important for researchers was precisely the number of steps. In addition, some volunteers were required to change their diet, adding the skimmed milk and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, etc. Thus, the body of volunteers received more than the usual amount of calcium.

Combined with a regular walking, such a quantity of calcium consumption had a very pleasant effect for volunteers - in four months they got rid of a part of the excess weight: an average of six unnecessary kilos disappeared. Dieticians said that the thing is in the rapid combustion of fats, which occur in the body because it is a regular walking and consumption of milk and dairy products.

The milk, beside calcium, also contains a lot of other useful substances, without which is impossible the normal development of the organism, moreover - their combination in milk is optimal. Dieticians recommend to drink daily two to three cups of skim milk or a cup of usual milk to keep the organism in shape.


Rani Dababneh said...

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Khat said...

great! a simple,just a natural way.