Sunday, October 7, 2007

Drinking Green Tea Benefits

I'm sure You already know that the green tea drinking has a lot of benefits for our health: it prevents the bad breath and the tooth decay; it helps to the health of the gum; it reduces the UV rays damage to our skin and this makes us look young; it helps us losing weight.

These are very important points, as if you see a person with black teeth, wrinkles and overweighted, I'm sure you do not admire him/her.

It was found that the green tea has wonderful effects on our beauty.
Here is what the researches on it found:

- Green tea contains catechins, which keep the acids under control and prevent the reproducing of bacteria. The main reasons of the periodontal disease - bleeding gums - are the bacteria and acids in our mouth. Conclusion: Green tea helps our gums staying healthy and pink, keeping our teeth in.

- The Vitamin C from the green tea helps our gum to cure.

- Catechins also reactivate the activity of the dying cells - this helps to smooth out the wrinkles.

- Green tea has anti-oxidants that diminishes the UV light harm to our skin. This is how it helps us slowing down the process of aging - we look younger.

- About 2/3 of "modern" people are concerned about their weight, and the green tea with its catechins helps to decrease the body fat and to "hurry" the fat oxidation. Researches found that the caffeine and the thiamine from the green tea help our body to maintain from producing more body fat.

OK, don't expect that if you all day are having Popsicles that drinking a cup of green tea will protect you from all the cavity problems. As well as staying on meals like donuts and pork products, and then after a cup of green tea to expect not to become fatter.

Of course you have heard this before: take care to eat right, exercise all time, brush and floss your teeth; but maybe you want to make an improvement to all of these.

It is recommended to drink green tea every day - make it your relax time, your "refreshing" time. Help yourself staying healthy and young!


Emma said...

Drinking Green Tea is a great way to lose weight. Green Tea has thermogenic properties which simply means that it helps your body to burn fat more quickly. Recent research indicates that Green Tea can help you to lose calories 34% to 43% more quickly than not drinking Green Tea! This is because of the caffeine in Green Tea combined with its powerful antioxidants which produce this thermogenic effect. Of course, not everybody likes the taste of Green Tea. Green Tea supplements, like Green Tea Plus are just as good as drinking freshly brewed Green Tea. Just a few drops of Green Tea in your favorite drink is equivalent to drinking 6 cups of Green Tea. Health experts recommend drinking 6-8 cups of Green Tea for it to have a beneficial health impact on your health.

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